Growing Pains

Here at West HR we help growing businesses. As the economy picks up and there is more confidence in taking on staff, we are receiving an increase in enquiries to help support growth plans and numb any pain the people management challenges cause:

Taking on staff

When a small business is growing they are taking on strangers as staff for the first time (rather than family or known contacts), so the recruitment and selection methods need to be robust to ensure the selected candidates can effectively perform and be trusted. Seek out expert advice and assistance on the full recruitment and selection process to ensure you get it right first time.

Policies and processes

As the business grows it becomes more important that all staff are treated fairly and consistently, so the business needs rules – in line with the style and culture of the business (there’s no need to be unnecessarily bureaucratic) – that all managers can follow and so that staff are clear of what the rules are. Creating pragmatic and usable HR policies and procedures is one of the most frequently outsourced HR tasks.

Organisation design

As you grow, you will need a management structure to deliver the business plan – ensuring all the jobs get done and there’s no duplication. It can be incredibly valuable to draw on experience of others that have worked on organisation structure design to enhance your vision of the roles you need to achieve what is right for taking the business forward.

Manager development

Growth means you get to the point where a business owner cannot do everything anymore and you need to rely on a team of managers. As well as having the rules to manage by in the form of policies and procedures, managers also need a bit of help to make them great managers, so they should consider a programme of training and coaching to enable them to confidently and effectively handle all employment situations.

HR strategy

A business cannot grow without people, so you need to have a clear people plan. A HR strategy starts with your business plan and business strategy and addresses areas from succession to motivation, reward to restructure, policies to performance. A HR strategy enables the people agenda to really drive the business forward.

HR advice

As the business grows and takes on more people, inevitably you will receive a wider array and increased frequency of employment challenges. Ensure you have access to expert HR advice and assistance to support managers and enable them to learn from the experience.



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