What’s in it for (S)ME?


What’s in it for (S)ME?

Working for a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) can offer significant benefits to workers when compared to larger corporations; advantages such as higher job satisfaction, flexibility and work-life balance, to a better company culture, closer teams, career progression, recognition and a greater feeling of value. All of these component parts add up to a very rewarding sum of overarching employee contentment. So when promoting enployment opportunities, don’t think you cannot complete with bigger organisations. Here are some aspects that you can highlight to attract job applicants and retain your current workforce:

Route 101 – the experience highway

For school-leavers and graduates alike, SMEs will often have fabulous junior positions in a friendly, productive atmosphere. For junior about-to-be workers dipping their toes in the employment ocean, it can be more beneficial for their professional and personal development to take on a trainee or assistant role in an SME, instead of holding out for a graduate scheme. Job descriptions and responsibilities can blur and workers can end up performing a variety of tasks. Unfamiliar work can’t simply be passed on to others so the learning curve in SMEs tends to be steeper; which in turn can lead to faster career progression.

Direct Line

In a smaller business it’s possible for a worker to get to know every other employee. This brings the advantage of a more relaxed atmosphere and lighter competition between employees, more likely to pull together towards the company’s common goal. Employees often enjoy a direct line of communication with the owner of the business and can gain invaluable experience as a result of this contact. If a worker isn’t happy about something, they can simply knock on the boss’s door and discuss their thoughts.

Come Satisfy Me

It’s easy to feel a little bit lost in the working mass of a large corporation. No matter how hard you work, your efforts can go unrecognised leading to workplace dissatisfaction. By contrast a worker in an SME can enjoy the satisfaction of immediately seeing the difference their work makes, right in front of their eyes. It’s easy for the business owner to see where the results came from, leading to instant recognition.

Shout it Out

Every worker has a voice and an opportunity to shine by contributing to new company ideas; there’s a greater chance that an idea will be implemented in an SME than in a larger company. Workers get to play a constructive, proactive role in every decision-making process. Bosses are more likely to be available to consult with each employee leading to better collaboration instead of ‘because I say so’.

Balance the Books

Working for an SME allows a more acute awareness of the financial state of the business and the need to measure profitability. Employees are less distant from the monthly cash flow reports and can benefit from a greater understanding of how to actually run a business.

Dogs allowed

Okay not in every workplace, but the point is that SMEs offer the opportunity of a unique company culture. Some companies have pinball (or ping-pong) tables, others allow office dogs. It’s a more relaxed approach to work life and can certainly make getting out of bed in the morning that much easier.


Flexibility works both ways. Big companies may allow remote working temporary work from home but their policies can involve rigid parameters, outside of which workers must not stray. The amount of weekly hours required may also not be debatable. Smaller companies could sometimes ask a for degree of flexibility from their staff such as an extra hour or two during busier times but the closer working relationships in SMEs mean that they can often offer more flexibility in return.

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What’s in it for (S)ME?

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