Can your business benefit from external HR support?

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The legal challenges which surround typical HR issues can be daunting for SME owners, and time-consuming as well. Such challenges could be in the form of accommodating changing employee needs, conducting disciplinary hearings and dealing with misconduct, absenteeism, redundancy and even dismissals. The quick and efficient, professional management of issues ensures that your legal compliance obligations are met.

Who’s responsible?

The business owner has responsibility for the workplace experience of all of their employees but budgetary constraints mean that most SMEs don’t have access to their own dedicated HR department. A lack of up-to-date professional HR support can expose the business owner to very real legal and financial consequences if issues are not dealt with correctly. Recent figures suggest a marked increase in HR-related litigation in the UK. It’s therefore more important than ever to ensure that HR issues are remedied with legal accuracy.

Where we fit in

Expert resource, working alongside your business, offering the support that you need, when you need it. HR support can no longer be considered a business luxury – it’s a business necessity. With flexible solutions for a variety of business types, professional outsourced HR support is more affordable than you might think. You can benefit from access to your own virtual HR department without the full time costs.

Too many to mention…

…. but we’ll have a go at listing a few of the HR services that we provide: Recruitment process, Employee contracts, Employee handbooks, HR health checks, Disciplinary process including areas like suspension, investigation, hearing and appeals, Capability process, Grievance procedures, Absence management, Flexible working requests, Maternity and paternity leave, Contract changes and many more.

Experience where it counts

From updating your HR policies & procedures, to guiding you through organisational changes and offering pragmatic advice about personnel management… we at WestHR also provide professional assistance to help you fulfil your business objectives whilst working within your budget. We offer in-house practical training workshops which equip users at various levels with the knowledge and skills to manage a variety of employment situations.

Get in touch

Save yourself the time and cost of dealing with the potential minefield of HR compliance issues, and make sure it’s done correctly. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience to discuss your HR needs.

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