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Traditional job interviews – R.I.P?

November 3 2017

Most companies rely on traditional job interviews to make hiring decisions but even with effective interview skills this is a potentially risky method of selecting the right candidate because apparently 4 out of 5 people embellish during an interview (see also The Best Place to Work – The Art & Science of Creating an Extraordinary...

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Are audits all that?

September 5 2017

All too often, in the rush to fix problems and move on to the next one, we don’t fully assess the issue and end up with a short-term patch rather than a long-term solution.  For employment matters it can be a good investment of time to undertake a full HR audit

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Employment rights in the ‘gig economy’

August 18 2017

  The employment status of workers in the gig economy has come into question recently, with some companies insisting that their workers are self-employed contractors; a status which offers their workers little or none of the employment protections that are enjoyed by employees. The gig economy is a phrase used to describe the growing employment...

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Help Wanted!

August 2 2017

  Short-term additions to the workforce can ease the staffing burden on SMEs but what rights do temporary workers have? Should they be treated the same as permanent employees? Should those in interim positions be offered a contract of employment? Here we take a look at the benefits and implications of hiring short-term workers. Why...

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What is outsourced HR for SMEs?

May 26 2017

We provide HR for small businesses that cannot justify the need for permanent or full time in-house HR. It’s all about the experience Outsourced HR is a cost-effective way of engaging HR expertise. HR theory can be learned relatively quickly from books and workshops, but it needs to go hand in hand with experience to...

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Ask Us: Zero hours worker claiming set hours

May 22 2017

Hi, I run a pub and it is the industry norm to employ part time staff on zero hours contracts.  We do this but an employee that has been with us for the last 2½  years is now claiming she has a right to contracted hours of 16 hours per week.  Over the last couple...

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Rewarding staff this Christmas?

November 18 2016

Employee benefits are designed to improve both the social and economic wellbeing of employees, as well as promote a happy workforce leading to greater employee retention. Benefits can also contribute to other strategic benefits for an organisation such as reduced absence through healthier employees achieved through a cycle to work scheme or gym membership. In...

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Positive Mental Health at Work

August 22 2016

The provision of equal employment opportunities is a legal requirement of all businesses. It’s against the law for employers to discriminate on the basis of a disability. The Equality Act which became law in October 2010 protects employees from discrimination and includes legislation to cover all aspects of employment; from recruitment and selection right through...

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Why outsourcing HR makes sense

June 24 2016

The reasons for using the services of an HR professional are many and varied. They generally revolve around seeking, selecting, retaining or removing employees. The conditions when HR support should be sought, and some of the challenges faced by SMEs, are considered below. Business growth could trigger the need for HR services. A business owner...

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Management Training this way?

Managers are often promoted into the role due to their technical knowledge or long...

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Can your business benefit from external HR support?

The legal challenges which surround typical HR issues can be daunting for SME owners,...

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Useful tips on how to lose the holiday blues

Ready GO! It can be a challenge to regain a work-positive mind-set after a...

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What’s in it for (S)ME?

What’s in it for (S)ME? Working for a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) can...

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