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To pay, or not to pay?

August 4 2014

Getting relevant and quality work experience has never been more important for the job hunter.  Academic qualifications test what an applicant knows, but experience counts for so much in applying that knowledge and being a productive member of a workforce. This results in prospective employees being willing to offer their services free of charge and...

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Teenage Tips

July 28 2014

School’s out, it’s peak holiday season and you may be considering employing summer students for holiday cover, peaks in trade or for specific tasks in a potentially quiet time. If you thought understanding text speak and any verbal communication you can extract from under the smart phone was a challenge, the rules for employing young...

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Ask Us – Contractual notice periods

July 8 2014

I have a question about contractual notice periods. In a contract of employment, does notice from employee to employer need to be the same as notice from employer to employee?

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Top 10 Reasons to Ask Us

June 17 2014

Business owners and line managers are busy people.  It’s not always feasible for you to be employment experts too.  But, that’s what HR is for; the art is knowing when you should ask for help.

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It’s my first foray into recruitment – help!

May 7 2014

We run a small family business, and we’re doing really well, but the family is up to capacity. We need to advertise for staff, but are really nervous. Where do we start?   First of all congratulations for getting to where you are over such a tough few years. You have recognised that you cannot...

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10 top tips for recruiting the best candidate

May 7 2014

Be clear what the role is – this will inform what knowledge, skills, behaviours and experience you will need which will, in turn, inform where you are going to find them and what to include in your advert to appeal to them Recruit for attitude, train for skills. Identify the behaviours that are important for...

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Growing Pains

May 7 2014

Here at West HR we help growing businesses. As the economy picks up and there is more confidence in taking on staff, we are receiving an increase in enquiries to help support growth plans and numb any pain the people management challenges cause: Taking on staff When a small business is growing they are taking...

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Latest News

Management Training this way?

Managers are often promoted into the role due to their technical knowledge or long...

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Can your business benefit from external HR support?

The legal challenges which surround typical HR issues can be daunting for SME owners,...

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Useful tips on how to lose the holiday blues

Ready GO! It can be a challenge to regain a work-positive mind-set after a...

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What’s in it for (S)ME?

What’s in it for (S)ME? Working for a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) can...

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