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May Newsletter – Seven steps to 21st century data protection

May 14 2018

In this newsletter we set out some advice for employers on complying with the HR aspects of GDPR. We have summarised the headline changes and actions for employers here but, with just 10 working days to go until GDPR becomes law, we’ve broken down your initial actions for compliance into 7 steps to take. Click...

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Prevention is better than a cure

May 30 2017

Much of our time providing HR Consultancy for small businesses could be described as fire-fighting. And we really enjoy the fight! Something has happened – like an employee underperforming or the need to recruit quickly and we work with a client to resolve the issue and get the workforce back up to full productivity promptly....

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Welcome the future of wearable technology

July 21 2016

The use of wearable technology for leisure and work is on the increase. With the market estimated to be worth £125bn within 10 years, items range from basic headphones, pedometers, watches and fitness monitors to potentially invasive and intrusive recorders, spy glasses and Google Glasses. Setting the appropriate boundaries is one of the challenges faced...

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Corporate Gifts – The Ethical Question of Business or Bribery

December 4 2015

With the festive season almost upon us and the long-standing tradition of sending corporate invitations and gifts, many business owners will find themselves considering which token or gesture of goodwill is appropriate; and which would fall foul of the UK Bribery Act, 2010. The Bribery Act encompasses, among other things, crimes of offering a bribe,...

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October Newsletter

October 15 2015

This month we are highlighting some essential information for complying with new legal requirements concerning employee pay, and getting access to a useful government funded service to help manage employee sickness. October Newsletter – Essential Employment News for SMEs  

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August Newsletter

August 21 2015

Our newsletters aim to provide short, snappy updates for SME employers.  In August’s newsletter we explain contracts of employment. August Newsletter    

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Why is it important to have a contract of employment?

June 22 2015

It’s the law – It is imperative that employers have a contract of employment in place for all of their employees – this is not only a statutory requirement, but also good business sense as it essentially lays down a set of ground rules between the two parties. What should a contract of employment include?...

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June Newsletter

June 8 2015

Our newsletters aim to provide short, snappy updates for SME employers.  In June’s newsletter we look at some of the factors to consider as summer approaches. June Newsletter – 3 quick updates

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Latest News

Management Training this way?

Managers are often promoted into the role due to their technical knowledge or long...

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Can your business benefit from external HR support?

The legal challenges which surround typical HR issues can be daunting for SME owners,...

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Useful tips on how to lose the holiday blues

Ready GO! It can be a challenge to regain a work-positive mind-set after a...

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What’s in it for (S)ME?

What’s in it for (S)ME? Working for a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) can...

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