Don’t dis the comfort

Recent heatwaves saw UK temperatures rise to over 30oC resulting in sweltering conditions in buildings. For some it seemed far too hot to work. How can anyone possibly be expected to function when internal temperatures reach 30+? So what are the laws regarding temperatures in the workplace? Is there a point at which employees are...

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Prevention is better than a cure

Much of our time providing HR Consultancy for small businesses could be described as fire-fighting. And we really enjoy the fight! Something has happened – like an employee underperforming or the need to recruit quickly and we work with a client to resolve the issue and get the workforce back up to full productivity promptly....

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What is outsourced HR for SMEs?

We provide HR for small businesses that cannot justify the need for permanent or full time in-house HR. It’s all about the experience Outsourced HR is a cost-effective way of engaging HR expertise. HR theory can be learned relatively quickly from books and workshops, but it needs to go hand in hand with experience to...

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Ask Us: Zero hours worker claiming set hours

Hi, I run a pub and it is the industry norm to employ part time staff on zero hours contracts.  We do this but an employee that has been with us for the last 2½  years is now claiming she has a right to contracted hours of 16 hours per week.  Over the last couple...

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Informal insight

We recently offered advice on formal employment meetings (eg disciplinary and grievance) and their  legal and good practice requirements, but these should only generally happen after informal stage has been tried. The rules on informal meetings are less clear.  By their very nature, they are intended to be low key with no major decisions being...

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Work ⇐ affects ⇒ Wellbeing

Positive employee engagement and motivation is critical for good company performance. It leads to a mutually beneficial, complementary relationship between employer and employee.  Engage for Success research (2014) shows that in order for employee engagement to be sustainable in the long term, it must go hand-in-hand with positive employee wellbeing. Positive wellbeing is not simply...

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April Newsletter

This month we look at workplace disputes and remind employers of the essential steps in dealing with disciplinary and grievance matters: April Newsletter – Workplace Problems  

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Workplace Discipline and Grievance 101

The reason Disciplinary and Grievance matters have such importance is the impact when they are not handled correctly.  In broad terms, unfair dismissal claims are based on a good procedure not being followed or an unreasonable decision being made during the process.  Constructive dismissal claims (where an employee feels conditions at work give them no...

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Handling problems at work

Something not quite right? A recent study by Warwick University’s Centre for Competitive Advantage has shown that a happy work environment is a more productive one, where the relationship between employer, management and workers is finely balanced and managed with reciprocal respect and discipline. When that relationship, or the necessary communication, breaks down, grievances can...

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The Fit-For-Work scheme

Fit-for-Work is a government-funded scheme which is supplementary to formal sickness absence management procedures in the UK. Accessed online or by telephone, Fit-for-Work provides free health and work advice and free referrals for occupational health assessments, for employees who are (or who are expected to be) absent for four weeks due to illness. You could...

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Latest News

Management Training this way?

Managers are often promoted into the role due to their technical knowledge or long...

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Can your business benefit from external HR support?

The legal challenges which surround typical HR issues can be daunting for SME owners,...

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Useful tips on how to lose the holiday blues

Ready GO! It can be a challenge to regain a work-positive mind-set after a...

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What’s in it for (S)ME?

What’s in it for (S)ME? Working for a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) can...

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