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HR Advice

When you don’t need your own HR department, you’ll want friendly, pragmatic and commercial employment expertise you can turn to. We really get to know your business so we can knowledgably provide the best advice to you. Our enabling advice, coupled with our HR Training helps you and your managers to learn how to handle tricky employment situations and recognise when to seek expert advice.

We support you by explaining what to do, backed up with meeting scripts, prepared letters (no templates!) and supporting documents for the advice given.

Use us as little or often as you need for the employment challenges you face.

For ad hoc advice our rates are £85+VAT per hour. Wherever possible we provide fixed price rates and maximum spend caps so you can plan and manage your budget.

If you anticipate the need for frequent advice, our unlimited advice value packages start at £165+VAT per month for up to 20 employees and include:

  • A review and update of your contract of employment and handbook as required
  • Unlimited HR advice by telephone and e-mail
  • Tailored letters and documents to support HR advice given
  • 3 on-site visits per year for HR planning or surgeries
  • 30% discount on our additional services used eg HR assistance and HR training
  • Regular HR updates.

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HR Training

We run practical training workshops on an in-house basis teaching a range of employment knowledge and skills to equip users to manage a variety of employment situations:

  • Becoming an Employer
  • Essential HR for People Managers
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Absence/Attendance Management
  • Disciplinary and Grievance
  • Family Friendly Working
  • Restructure and Redundancy
  • Ending Employment
  • Introduction to Employment Law
  • Implementing General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) for HR
For managers

Ensure your managers know their essential HR processes to comply with employment law and get the best from their staff.

For HR

Even if you don’t have a formal HR department, there will still be people that undertake HR activities. We deliver practical knowledge workshops and 1-1 coaching and mentoring to make your HR activites add value.

Contact us

For the latest schedule of our open workshops or to discuss your bespoke in-house training needs.

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HR Assistance

We supply experts to undertake HR activities as required. This could be undertaking a HR director role regularly or occasionally to advise on HR strategy, attending formal meetings either on your behalf or to support your managers or regular on-site attendance to provide or supplement your HR function.

  • HR policies, handbooks and processes
  • HR strategy
  • Line manager coaching
  • HR team coaching
  • Independent party for disciplinary, grievance and appeal hearings
  • An extra pair of hands for a particular project
  • An informed note-taker to support managers in formal meetings.

Rates for assistance are £85 +VAT per hour, capped at £575 +VAT per day.

We also provide a range of fixed-price services for telephone/email advice and assistance:

Employee Contract £125 +VAT

Employee Handbook £330 +VAT

HR Health Check & Report £575 +VAT

Redundancy/Restructuring Project £600 +VAT – up to 20 affected employees

  • Developing scripts, business case, process
  • Letters/SRP calculations
  • Calls/emails/advice throughout the process (counter-proposals, decision, appeal)

Disciplinary Process – per individual £250 +VAT

  • Suspension – briefing, crib sheet, letter
  • Investigation – briefing
  • Hearing – briefing, crib sheet, invite letter, outcome letter
  • Appeal – briefing, crib sheet, invite letter, outcome letter

Capability Process – per individual £250 +VAT

  • Initial briefing
  • Meetings – briefing, crib sheet, invite letter, outcome letter
  • Appeal – briefing, crib sheet, invite letter, outcome letter

Grievance Procedure – per individual £300 +VAT

  • Hearing – briefing, crib sheet, invite letter, outcome letter
  • Investigation – briefing
  • Appeal – briefing, crib sheet, invite letter, outcome letter

Absence Management – Medical Report – per individual £180 +VAT

  • Letter – for employee, for GP
  • Analysis of report
  • Manager briefing – for meetings with employee

Flexible Working Request – per individual £180 +VAT

  • Briefing
  • Decision advice
  • Letter

Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Pay/Leave Advice – per individual £180 +VAT

  • Timetable
  • Risk assessment document
  • Prepared Letters
  • Advice

Contract Change Negotiations – per individual £180 +VAT

  • Advice
  • Letters

HR Document Bundle £125 +VAT

  • Holiday request form
  • Absence Self Certificate
  • Return to work interview form
  • Right to work in UK form
  • Next of Kin/Bank details form
  • Starter/Leaver checklist
  • Maternity risk assessment
  • Training costs clawback

1 Day In-House Training £925 +VAT

  • Bespoke programme development, materials and delivery

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