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Ask Us – Employee retention

January 12 2018

We are an SME and I know 2018 is going to be a huge growth year for us.  However, I suspect some of our staff are looking elsewhere for jobs.  Losing that experience will have a detrimental impact on our operations, but as a SME I’m very limited as to what benefits I can offer...

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Ask Us: Zero hours worker claiming set hours

May 22 2017

Hi, I run a pub and it is the industry norm to employ part time staff on zero hours contracts.  We do this but an employee that has been with us for the last 2½  years is now claiming she has a right to contracted hours of 16 hours per week.  Over the last couple...

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Ask us – Managing the risks of the Christmas party

November 29 2016

We’ve got our works Christmas party next week and someone has told me I should send a letter to staff setting out some ground rules.  I don’t want to undermine the fun of the party, it’s been a busy year, but I am conscious that I do have some liabilities.  What should I include in...

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Ask Us: Rules on wearable tech

June 20 2016

  We have a rule in that personal mobile phones are not used during working hours.  However, we have a couple of employees that now wear smart watches and they ping several times during the day and the employees are responding to the messages they receive via their watches.  Clearly our mobile phone policy is...

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Ask Us – Short Service Dismissal with baggage

November 23 2015

I have an employee who has already been given three verbal warnings about his behaviour. Last week he was to lock up at the end of his shift, which he did but he took the premises keys with him (not necessary for him to do this), then returned at 5am. The security camera shows him...

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Ask Us – Flexible Working

September 17 2015

I have an employee who has been struggling to meet her working hours since her son started school in September. I’ve tried to be flexible and say she can work flexibly so long she gets her hours in. She used to be a great part of the team, but in the last few weeks it...

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Ask Us – Using a Self-Employed Contractor

August 14 2015

I have a small family business and after much hard work we are growing at our fastest rate ever. I need to take on some staff but I a nervous of starting a commitment to employ someone when I’m not sure what our future work levels will be. Can I just take on someone on...

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Ask us – I’m struggling to recruit

May 27 2015

I’ve advertised a job vacancy on job boards for 3 months now but I’m not getting any applications of any quality. What else can I do?   As the economy improves and unemployment falls, the labour market is definitely favouring employees so they can be choosier and make higher demands than they could say 3...

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Ask Us – Can I change an employee’s working hours?

May 6 2015

Business is rarely static and naturally needs for a workforce will evolve. From time to time an employer will have a business driver to change the working hours of employees. A contract of employment exists between employer and employee. This may be a written contract or a ‘statement’ of particulars of employment. Even if nothing...

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Ask Us – Companion Compliance

February 2 2015

We have someone who has been on long term sickness for over almost 3 years and I have taken this case on and I have started the long term/capability process with this individual. He turned up to the first meeting with two companions. One was his friend and one was his wife. He did not...

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